UCS Millenium Falcon

By | 10th January 2017

Lepin Millenium Falcon

Those who know me will know one of my big regrets is never buying the original Lego UCS Millenium Falcon when it was released – somehow I completely missed it. However, thanks to Lepin in China here she is in all her glory.

To be fair to Lepin the bricks are actually really good quality, not like those Lego copies you get in the likes of Poundland that don’t even stick together. The instructions were also fairly good, with only a few colours not being quite right making it hard to choose the right piece and there were a couple of mistakes, but nothing to ruin the experience.

I was also surprised to find out of the 5000 odd pieces that I only had two missing, or nine if you count the wrong piece supplied for the landing gear. If you don’t mind waiting you could contact the Chinese seller to get replacements but a couple of quid on Bricklink soon sorted it.

Anyway, itch scratched and time for some pictures…..

Lepin UCS Millenium Falcon

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