TV setup has encountered a serious problem

By | 21st October 2013


Whilst we now record most of our TV on the Sky+HD box, the aging Windows Media Center PC still gets called into action for those times when the Sky box is busy. Recently my wife noticed BBC1 had vanished and there were multiples of other channels. Thinking it was to do with the recent messing around with the Freeview channels I decided to do a rescan and bang “TV setup cannot continue… TV setup has encountered a serious problem. Select finish to exit, then try again, if this problem persists, restart WMC or the computer.”

Following the instructions and restarting Windows Media Center didn’t fixed the problem. So being a professional geek I tried a full restart of the PC – nope still broken.

This was getting serious, so time to Google. Most of the results for this problem were from people who were experiencing it whilst setting up Media Center for the first time or with new hardware – this obviously wasn’t me as this was a fully working set-up and had been for months since the upgrade from XP MCE to Windows 8.

I then found a thread on the Microsoft Answers site where I found a solution that worked.

Note: although it got my tuners working again it unfortunately reset all my scheduled recordings and wish lists, so it might be worthwhile making a note of yours before trying it.

The solution is:

  1. Open the Control Panel and open Programs and Features.
    Program and Features
  2. You then need to click on Turn Windows features on or off which on the left-hand side of the Program and Features window.
    Turn Windows Features on or off
  3. When Windows Features window pops up, you need to find Media Features and expand this. Now untick Windows Media Center.
    Turn off Windows Media Center
    You will be asked if you are sure, so you need to confirm and let Windows do its thing.
  4. If you’re not prompted to restart, restart anyway just to make sure Windows Media Center is definitely disabled.
  5. When Windows restarts, you need to find C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome. ProgramData is a hidden folder, so the easiest way to find it is to open a folder window and then actually type in the location in the address bar.
  6. Look for .db files beginning mcepg… and delete them. The solution on the web listed mcepg2-0.db and mcepg2-1.db, however I had a mcepg3-0.db.
  7. Now delete the folders with similar names, in my case mcepg3-0 and in the case of the posted solution mcepg2-0 and mcepg2-1.
    If you’re not feeling brave enough to delete them, move them somewhere else.
  8. Restart Windows.
  9. When Windows restarts, go back to the Control Panel, Program and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off and re-enable Windows Media Center by ticking the box. Again Windows will check you are sure then go and do its thing again.
  10. Again, if you’re not prompted to restart I would anyway.
  11. Start Windows Media Center and hopefully where the Live TV option is it should now say Set-up Live TV. Select this and fingers crossed you will now be able to re-setup your TV tuner and get all your channels back.

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