Sherlock Filming?

By | 28th August 2013

Whilst in London we spotted some strange activity in the building opposite our hotel. They were unloading lots of equipment, then after about an hour I noticed some very bright lights lighting up the buildings in the area.

As it had been a long day and we were all ready for bed, we just shut the curtains and ignored them.

At about 11pm, unable to sleep, I had another look out of the window and noticed quite a large crowd of women sat on the pavement opposite the building. So thinking I may get to see someone famous filming something I got out my camera but very quickly got bored waiting as all I saw was drunk people annoying the crowd as they headed home.

After about another hour of lying in bed I heard cheers from outside, so jumped up to see what looked like Steven Moffat waving and chatting to the crowd before jumping into a car. Knowing that he’s involved with Doctor Who and Sherlock I instantly got excited that they were filming one of these. However, judging by the fact the group sat on the pavement were all women, and none of them looked at all geeky I concluded it must’ve been Sherlock – not Doctor Who.

Therefore I decided to watch a little longer and was rewarded half-an-hour later as more people started leaving in minibuses accompanied by more cheering from the crowd. Having never watched Sherlock I didn’t recognise any of them, but took photos anyway.

Please, if you recognise anyone apart from Steven Moffat leave a comment to let me know I haven’t taken loads of photos of just the extras.

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