Pet Shop Boys – Electric

By | 19th July 2013

Pet Shop Boys - Electric

When the Pet Shop Boys release an album its normally one of three types –

1. A “typical” PSB album full of catchy pop songs, which the majority are and are the ones I like

2. An “experimental” PSB album which normally consists of slower more accoustic style songs, such as Release and last year’s Elysium

3. A full-on heavy dance album – the Disco albums

Electric falls into the third type and starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up for the entire nine tracks.

Only nine tracks? Yep, that’s right, only nine tracks – however, you shouldn’t feel too hard done by as each track is over five minutes in length. Its like having an album full of old fashioned 12″ extended mixes – which as a child of the 80s I personally love.

Looking at the tracks, this is a great album where I actually enjoy pretty much every one – the only track I ocassionally skip being Bolshy which I find quite repetitive and normally get bored of after the first two or three minutes. The rest though are great, really dancy with some catchy hooks and classic Pet Shop Boys sounds, especially Thursday which is instantly recognisable as a PSB track from the first few seconds.

If you’re a Pet Shop Boys fan or even just like a catchy dance tune, this is definitely an album worth buying.

You can listen to samples from all the tracksĀ on

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