Pumpkins 2014

This year we decided to carve three pumpkins for Halloween. Although not as intricate as some you see, I’m quite happy with my attempts – all designed by my kids.

The World Tour

My son seems to spend his entire time watching YouTube videos by the likes of Stampy and Squiddy so I suggested he had a go himself.

Hop to it…

Twenty-odd years ago I knocked up a version of a game from my childhood for my then computer, an Acorn A3010. Hopper was the name of the game, Acornsoft’s take on the classic Frogger – a game that came bundled with my first computer, an Acorn Electron.

Installing and Using Ripple

To help with building and debugging PhoneGap/Cordova apps there used to be a Chrome plug-in which would let you emulate various device only events and features that normally wouldn’t be available in a  normal web browser, i.e. the onDeviceReady event.

Installing PhoneGap/Cordova

In the previous post I did all the groundwork in preparation for installing PhoneGap or Cordova, so now its time to install PhoneGap proper.

Installing Homebrew and Node.js

I decided to go down the route of installing Homebrew as it seems it’ll come in handy at a later date for installing other bits and pieces.


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but as I spend most of time of my working with C/C++ in Windows and PHP/HTML/Javascript  for traditional  desktop websites I haven’t really had much time to work directly in the mobile arena.

Lego Simpsons Minifigs – part 2

Another trip to the shops today and another five minifigs found. Although each figure is pretty unique so it should be easy to find out which is which with a bit of fondling, in reality its not quite as easy as I thought.