Monitoring SpeedTest Results

By | 31st October 2017

The speedtest-cli project provides a great way of accessing the SpeedTest site without having to use a web-browser but whilst it can write to a log file there is no easy way to visualise the results over time. The FreeNATS Network Monitor provides are a great way to automate a multitude of network tests and visualise them over time. What if we combine them?!


The freenats-speedtest test allows FreeNATS to automate the running of any of the SpeedTest tests by utilising speedtest-cli and collating the results, allowing them to displayed visually.


speedtest-cli must be installed, it will work with the old-ish version in the default Ubuntu repository. Apache/PHP must also have permission to utilise the command line through the shell_exec() function – sorry.


Simply copy the PHP file into the server/base/site/tests directory.