Mini 0801 Dash Camera – part 3

By | 5th December 2013


Following on from my woes here, the 32GB Class 6 card arrived and guess what?

Yes, the camera behaved exactly as before, once the memory card was about half full I would start receiving the errors that the card was too slow, followed by the IO errors.

Now obviously this was quite disappointing, so back to the DashCamTalk Forum and boy had the conversation on this camera moved on. Seems like loads of people were now having the same issues as me 🙁

One solution was to turn off the audio recording and that seemed to fix it – however I didn’t do extensive testing and I rather missed the ability to listen back to some of the crazy conversations I have with my kids.

Something that seemed clear from the forum is that these errors are all from cameras using firmware that recorded using .MOV files, there seemed to be no reports of problems with older cameras/firmware that recorded with .TS files. Of course, the only firmware I could find for the 0801 was new firmware that recorded in .MOV.

With a bit more reading through the forum I found out a Russian camera, the ProCam CX-4 is the same camera and what more there was still a copy of some older firmware that recorded in .TS available as detailed on the forum here.

To summarise from the forum post –

1. Go to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download ProCam_CX4_FW_20130823.rar

3. Extract the firmware file ‘firmware-NO1.bin’ from the .RAR file

4. Copy this to the root folder of your micro SD card

5. Turn on your camera with the SD card inserted and you should be asked whether you want to update your camera – more details on flashing is available here

If you don’t get the option to update your camera you may need to rename the firmware file – I had to rename it to ‘firmware-NO1-SPI-TB15.bin’.

After updating, apart from the new ProCam CX4 start-up screen and having to reset back to English from Russian, the camera has worked perfectly for the last few weeks using the Class 6 card.

Of course I took a gamble that the firmware would work and I didn’t end up with dead camera, so if you follow my lead you do so at your own risk!

Edit: whilst writing this, I notice there is now some newer firmware on the Mini 0801 page.

5 thoughts on “Mini 0801 Dash Camera – part 3

  1. mark murphy

    I bought the 0801 last Christmas. For the first Month I had the sort of problems you have been having. I upgraded my firmware a few times and the problem would not go away. I had given up on it. The I decided to have one more go at the firmware’ I upgraded again only this time after downloading the firmware I noticed it had GPS as well. (I don’t have GPS on my Cam) Now my 0801 works perfect. Its been OK since Feb last. The only thing I did was disable the GPS on the firmware. Now I’m getting another one for my back window for my birthday.

    1. simon

      Have you checked out the updated 0803 – there’s a Techmoan review of it on Youtube.

      I’m tempted to get one of these to replace the 0801 at the front, then move the 0801 to the back.

  2. Roel

    Don’t try this firmware! I have tried it myself on 2 of those camera’s and both are broken now…
    Somehow the firmware fried the internal components..

  3. Chris

    Hello Simon – just wanted to say thank you for this. After much Googling and head-scratching, your solution was the only thing that worked.



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