Minecraft Paper Iron Golem

By | 17th March 2014

Iron Golem

Like all fathers with young sons, our house has now been taken over by Minecraft which I think I’ve now bought on just about every device I own.

One of the many bits of merchandise he’s fallen for is the Minecraft Paper Craft series where basically you get a box full of sheets of card that you fold up to make various objects or characters from the game.

Not every thing from the game is available in these sets, but if you visit pixelpapercraft.com there are many fan made designs to download and make. One of these is the Iron Golem, available here – however upon assembling this we found it a little small compared to the other characters from the official sets.

Therefore I decided to enlarge it slightly to make its size match those from the Papercraft sets a little and I’ve made it downloadable as a PDF below.

golem small

All credit for this goes to the original creator, lostminer from pixelpapercraft.com, I’ve just simply made it bigger.

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