Lego Simpsons Minifigs – part 3

By | 20th May 2014

Third lot

Well after a good hour fondling a whole box of Simpsons minifig packets we finally have the last six.

To the first packet –

02 - Bart

Dead easy this one as he has his skateboard.

03 - Marge

Another easy one, Marge’s hair is quite distinctive.

05 - Maggie

The spiky hair and teddy bear are the give-away here.

07 - Ned Flanders

The give-away for Ned is his tool box and he’s the only one with a mug.

09 - Milhouse

Milhouse was a little bit tricky as he’s not the only small minifig with a smooth 2×2 piece. Even though the heads all look quite distinctive its quite hard to feel the details through the packets – we took a bit of a gamble on this one hoping I’d successfully felt his nose.

16 - Mr. Burns

Mr Burns took a long time to find, so do wonder whether he’s the limited one in the box. We thought we’d felt his pointy nose a number of times only for it to turn out to be the cat. In the end my son found the fish bowl which confirmed it was him.

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