Lego Movie Minifigs

By | 8th February 2014

Lego Movie Minifigs

We don’t normally collect the Lego mini-figures, but sometimes a set comes out that we just can’t resist – the last time was the Olympic figures. This time it’s characters from the new Lego movie.

We first spotted them in our local Tesco so after a good feeling bought our first five.

The first five

Admittedly we thought we’d got Emett but actually ended up with a ¬†female construction worker – the Panda and Abraham Lincoln we were pretty sure of.

Another trip to Tesco resulted in a further four.

The next four

Luckily each character seems to have a unique piece with them, so managed not to pick up any doubles.

Next up was a visit to Sainsburys, who seemed to be selling them slightly cheaper – so we picked up another four, taking a bit longer this time to make sure we didn’t get any doubles.

Another four

This left us with just three more to get, so at this stage it was off to Jarrolds in Norwich who have got their own professional ‘feeler’ and will let you specify which mini-figure you want. However they didn’t have any Shakespeares, but they did have a freshly opened box so there had to be one in there – about 20 minutes later and I had our final figure.

The final three

Next up, bring on the Simpsons minifigs!

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