Lego Colours

By | 1st January 2017

As of late I’ve been looking at creating some custom Lego builds or MOCs as they’re known.

For this I’ve using both the Lego Pick-a-Brick service and theĀ Bricklink site however both use slightly different names for colours. Read on to find a simple table showing the differences I’ve found so far.

Whereas Bricklink simply names the colours, Lego splits the colours into colour families containing exact colours so there are two columns for each Lego colour.

Lego Pick-a-Brick
Bricklink Colour Colour Family Exact Colour
Blue Blue Bright Blue Blue
Dark Blue Blue Earth Blue Dark Blue
Light Bluish Grey Grey Medium Stone Grey Light Bluish Grey
Dark Bluish Grey Grey Dark Stone Grey Dark Bluish Grey
Tan Reddish Brown Brick Yellow Tan
Dark Red Red New Dark Red Dark Red