Installing and Using Ripple

By | 21st May 2014

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To help with building and debugging PhoneGap/Cordova apps there used to be a Chrome plug-in which would let you emulate various device only events and features that normally wouldn’t be available in a ¬†normal web browser, i.e. the onDeviceReady event.

Unfortunately the plug-in didn’t keep up with the updates to PhoneGap and eventually stopped working without a bit of bodging.

However, the Ripple Emulator is now available as a Node.js package and works in just about any browser which is great.

To install it, use npm –

npm install -g ripple-emulator

Then to use, simply go to the project directory and enter –

ripple emulate

Your default web browser should then open containing your app in an emulated device.

Ripple provides quite a few options in the browser window for interacting with your app, firing device events and emulating other device features so there’s lots to play with. You can also use the browsers built-in developer tools for debugging the app as it runs – very handy.

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