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By | 27th July 2014


Twenty-odd years ago I knocked up a version of a game from my childhood for my then computer, an Acorn A3010. Hopper was the name of the game, Acornsoft’s take on the classic Frogger – a game that came bundled with my first computer, an Acorn Electron.

Over the next few years it got a few bug fixes and updates, mainly to support the RiscPC and it’s StrongARM processor – finally appearing on an Acorn User cover CD-ROM. Then, as I moved over to Windows and Linux it got forgotten about with the my RiscPC gathering dust in the attic.

Fast forward to a few months ago and would you believe someone had dug up Hopper and tried to get it working on the Raspberry Pi running the latest version of RISC OS – the operating system that powered the Acorn machines. Unfortunately due to a few changes in the ARM processor over the last 20 years it wouldn’t work completely as originally released so Robert Sprowston tracked me down to ask for the source code.

After digging out the RiscPC, to my surprise it actually booted and after I managed to find a working floppy disc I could get the source copied to my PC and emailed to Robert.A quick re-compile, a few tweaks here and there and Hopper is now available on the latest RISC OS Open distribution!

A full article is available here on the RISC OS Open website.

The question is, do I now try and finish off Hopper2 which is lurking on the old Risc PC hard drive – finally give me an excuse to get myself a Raspberry Pi to play with 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hop to it…

  1. Justian Evans

    Hi Simon. How ru? many thanks for letting Risc OS re-compiling !Hopper for The lastest Risc OS. I own a Raspberry Pi which is running Risc OS 5.19. Have you got any more games for ROS? Because needs more apps and games.

    1. Simon

      Sorry, never got around to writing anything else I’m afraid.


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