First Published Photo

By | 8th August 2013

Since getting my new camera earlier this year I’ve been asked to take a few snaps for use at work – namely just head and shoulder shots for the staff pages on the new website.

However, as part of a new project to illustrate the careers and jobs in our programmes there have been a few we’ve struggled with – plus we thought it would be kinda cool to actually get all the members of staff in there doing one job or another.

The owners of the company also own a fine art publishing company, so when we needed a photograph of a Fine Art Book Publisher there was only one person to ask. Unfortunately though, as nice as it is to have my name down as the credit for the image in our programme, hardly anyone is going to see it in the grand scheme of things, so imagine my surprise to find it also used on The Mainstone Press website.


Sadly it’s not credited, but at least more people might see my work.


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