Camera Comparison – Sony A57, Samsung WB700 and Panasonic TZ60

By | 7th May 2015


A couple of years ago I joined the DSLR crowd and bought myself a Sony A57 and since then have spent far too much on lenses, cases and other bits and pieces.

At the time I also picked up a £100 Samsung WB700 as a camera for the rest of the family to use and to be my handy pocket camera, but I’ve never really been happy with the results from it – especially indoors.

Therefore I started investigating a replacement, my initial thoughts being the Sony RX100 or Canon G7X with 1″ sensors which would give the sort of images I’d grown used to with my DSLR – however the short reach of both put me off. I then looked at the Panasonic FZ1000 which had the reach and the 1″ sensor, but was actually bigger than the A57 which isn’t exactly pocketable.

I then began looking at compact super-zooms and most of the websites that compared them seemed to favour the Panasonic TZ60 – so on a bit of an impulse I bought one of those. (I know there’s now a newer model, the TZ70, but this doesn’t seem to offer much over the TZ60 to warrant the extra £100 it would cost compared to the TZ60.)

Out of interest I thought I’d try and compare the photos from all three of my cameras, nothing scientific but purely an attempt to try and take the same photograph on all three. One thing to note though, the A57 had a 70-300mm lense mounted so not really the best for getting close up images. I also haven’t really done anything to set up the Panasonic and am using it pretty much out of the box, which explains the different aspect ratio to the other two.

Sony A57 Panasonic TZ60 Samsung WB700
A57 (1) TZ60 (1) WB700 (1)
A57 (2) TZ60 (2) WB700 (2)
A57 (3) TZ60 (3) WB700 (3)
A57 (5) TZ60 (5) WB700 (5)
A57 (8) TZ60 (8) WB700 (8)
A57 (10) TZ60 (10) WB700 (10)
A57 (11) TZ60 (11) WB700 (11)
A57 (13) TZ60 (13) WB700 (13)

I left all three cameras in auto mode and I think to be fair all three cameras seem to do a pretty decent job outdoors.

Doing a bit of pixel peeping, the Panasonic has a weird fuzzy effect which I guess is the way it does noise reduction/JPEG compression? The Samsung also seems quite a bit noisier and definitely not as sharp as the Panasonic.

I guess the next stage is to use it properly and see if I’m happy with the results – lets hope for a few nice days!

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