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Monitoring SpeedTest Results

The speedtest-cli project provides a great way of accessing the SpeedTest site without having to use a web-browser but whilst it can write to a log file there is no easy way to visualise the results over time. The FreeNATS Network Monitor provides are a great way to automate a multitude of network tests and visualise them over time. What if we combine them?!

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Bouncy Snowman

Bouncy castle snowman

Norwich has various attractions around for the festive period, here’s a few more.

Norwich At Night

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Plus a short video of the tunnel in action.

30 July 2016

Mist Rising

Whilst at an evening do at How Hill House in Norfolk I mananged to capture this wonderful scene of the mist rising from the Norfolk Broads. Wish I’d had my tripod as unfortunately I couldn’t steady the camera enough for a less noisy image 🙁

26 July 2016


Whilst visiting a local camel park, don’t ask, spotted this curious little fellow sat on his perch. Not bad to say it was taken through a mesh cage.