This section chronicles my adventures with my Sony A57 DSLT – no that isn’t a typo, the A57 is a DSLT not a DSLR.
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20 March 2015

Today’s treat was a rare solar eclipse – of course out came the camera! Luckily, due to the cloudy conditions the sun’s brightness was tempered and it was fairly easy to get a good look at it.

Down by the River

Although I’ve lived in Norwich nearly 20 years there are many parts of the city I have not seen. Whilst out looking for the mini-gorillas we decided to take a shortcut down by the river and I couldn’t resist a few snaps.

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Sherlock Filming?

Whilst in London we spotted some strange activity in the building opposite our hotel. They were unloading lots of equipment, then after about an hour I noticed some very bright lights lighting up the buildings in the area.

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Fancy Skies

This summer we’ve had a real mix of beautiful blue skies and rain clouds, but there have been a few evenings where as the sun has started setting it’s shone beautifully through the clouds.

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