Those that know me will know that I’ve been into Lego for as long as I can remember. These days I’m mostly into collecting the larger Star Wars sets (I’m kicking myself I missed out on the Ultimate Millennium Falcon though) and Technic models. However, I can’t resist a bargain if I spot one!

Speeding up the Lego 4×4 Crawler 9398

The LEGO Technic 9398: 4X4 Crawler is a great Lego model with some brilliant functionality. The kids (and me) enjoy putting it through its paces by building tricky obstacle courses for it – normally out of cushions. However, there is one problem – its too damned slow.

Lego Malevolence 9515

There’s been a number of great Lego representations of the iconic ships from the┬áStar Wars films and Clone Wars series. When the Malevolence was announced, I was very excited as with many of the Star Wars universe ships it has a great design and with its size I expected something substantial.