Unfortunately I’m a bit of a self-confessed geek. Not only am I employed to mess around with computers and technology, I tend to spend my free time messing around with it as well.

Monitoring SpeedTest Results

The speedtest-cli project provides a great way of accessing the SpeedTest site without having to use a web-browser but whilst it can write to a log file there is no easy way to visualise the results over time. The FreeNATS Network Monitor provides are a great way to automate a multitude of network tests and… Read More »

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Hop to it…

Twenty-odd years ago I knocked up a version of a game from my childhood for my then computer, an Acorn A3010. Hopper was the name of the game, Acornsoft’s take on the classic Frogger – a game that came bundled with my first computer, an Acorn Electron.

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