Welcome to my website, a collection of bits and pieces from my life. I imagine the site will never be finished, but amongst the chaos hopefully you’ll find something interesting and worthwhile.

Monitoring SpeedTest Results

The speedtest-cli project provides a great way of accessing the SpeedTest site without having to use a web-browser but whilst it can write to a log file there is no easy way to visualise the results over time. The FreeNATS Network Monitor provides are a great way to automate a multitude of network tests andā€¦ Read More »

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Lego Colours

As of late I’ve been looking at creating some custom Lego builds or MOCs as they’re known. For this I’ve using both the Lego Pick-a-Brick service and theĀ Bricklink site however both use slightly different names for colours. Read on to find a simple table showing the differences I’ve found so far.

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